How the magnetic flip column level gauge works
- 2019-05-27-

The magnetic tumbling cylinder level gauge is developed based on the principle of buoyancy and Archimedes' law, and is combined with the characteristics of mechanical transmission. It is a meter for measuring liquid level. The magnetic tumbling cylinder level gauge has one that can accommodate The cavity of the float, called the outer cylinder or the main pipe, can form a communicating device with the container through a flange or other interface, so that the liquid level of the magnetic cylinder and the liquid level in the container can maintain the same height, thereby The float in the chamber of the magnetic tumbling cylinder will move up and down with the liquid level in the container. At this time, the actual changed liquid level cannot be seen. Therefore, a magnetic flip column display is installed outside the cavity, and the float is designed. At the time, we installed the magnetic steel at the intersection of the sinking liquid and the floating part. The magnetic steel can move with the float surface with the liquid, and the magnetic properties of the magnetic steel are transmitted to the magnetic flip column through the outer cylinder. Push the magnetic column to flip 180 degrees. Since the magnetic flip column is a cylinder with two red and white circles, the side facing the outer side of the magnetic flip column will change color after turning 180 degrees (the liquid surface is red, the liquid surface White Color), the junction of the two colors is the actual height of the liquid level.


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