What is the difference between the 1151 pressure transmitter and the 3051 pressure transmitter?
- 2019-05-28-

The difference between the 1151 pressure transmitter and the 3051 pressure transmitter is:

The 1151 and 3051 series of capacitive pressure transmitters can be used in the petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, electric, food, pharmaceutical, paper and textile industries to detect differential pressure, pressure, level, interface and density of fluids, and The orifice plate is also used to measure flow. They convert the measured pressure into a 4-20 mA DC current signal and transmit it to a digital display instrument, calculation, regulation or control instrument to form various automatic control systems.

1, the difference in the shape of the two:

♦3051 pressure transmitter adopts capacitive floating membrane box, which is small in size;

♦1151 pressure transmitter adopts capacitive fixed membrane box, which is bulky;

2. The sensor position is different:

♦ The sensor of the 1151 pressure transmitter is located in the middle of the two measuring chambers and is susceptible to the measured medium.

♦ The sensor of the 3051 pressure transmitter is above the two measuring chambers, and is affected by the temperature and pressure of the measured medium, and the static pressure error caused by improper assembly is smaller than that of the 1151 pressure transmitter.

3. The difference in circuit:

♦ The internal signal of the 1151 pressure transmitter is realized by an analog circuit, and only 4-20 mA analog signal can be output.

♦ 3051 pressure transmitter is mainly digital circuit, can output analog signal, can also superimpose output digital signal, can be configured using the HART protocol-compliant handheld device.

♦1151 pressure transmitter is an earlier product. It has a history of more than 30 years. It is the representative of the transmitter at that time and is basically no longer produced.

♦ The 3051 pressure transmitter is based on the 1151 to improve the measurement of the original structure, reduce the influence of the temperature of the medium on the measurement, and increase the digital communication function.

♦3351 pressure transmitter is a new series of products, the main improvement is more adaptable to the requirements of fieldbus.


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