What conditions should I pay attention to before using the magnetic float level gauge?
- 2019-05-30-

The magnetic float level gauge should pay attention to the following points before installation and use:

1. The primary installation conditions: there should be no magnetic conductive material around the magnetic float level gauge. It can not be fixed by wire. Because there is a magnetic object inside the liquid level gauge, the wire will affect the up and down movement of the magnetic steel, otherwise it will affect The meter is operating normally.

2. The installation must be vertical so that the buoyancy principle can be applied. Moreover, a valve is arranged between the magnetic float level gauge and the container guide tube for easy inspection and cleaning.

3. If a heat tracing line is required, the material must be non-magnetically conductive, such as a copper tube or a stainless steel tube. The temperature of the heating can be determined according to the medium.

4. There should be no solid impurities or magnetic substances in the medium to avoid jamming the float.

5. Before use, the magnetic flip column below the position of the magnetic steel should be corrected to be red, and the position above the magnetic steel is white.

6. Open the bottom flange and reload the main conduit. Note that the magnetic end of the heavy end should be up and cannot be flipped.

7. Commissioning should first open the upper pilot valve, then open the lower valve to allow the medium to enter the main conduit smoothly. It must be slow (to avoid the medium quickly impacting the float, causing the float to fluctuate greatly, affecting accuracy), observe red and white magnetic If the flipping of the column is normal, then close the lower pilot valve and open the drain valve to lower the liquid level in the main conduit. According to this method, it is normal to operate three times (except for special conditions such as corrosive).

8. Irregular cleaning of impurities in the main conduit.

9. For magnetic float level gauges exceeding a certain length (common type > 3 m, anti-corrosion type > 2 m), the reinforcement flange or support frame should be added as a fixed support in the middle.

10. The installation position of the magnetic float level gauge should be far away from the material import and export, affecting the accuracy of the magnetic float level gauge measurement.

11. If you have a remote transmission instrument, pay attention to the following points:

♦ The remote transmission supporting instrument should be close to the main conduit of the liquid level gauge and fixed with stainless steel hose clamps;

♦ The instrument zero position should be at the same level as the liquid level gauge zero indication;

♦ The sensing surface on the remote transmission accessory meter should face and close to the main conduit;

♦ The connection line between the remote transmission supporting instrument and the display instrument or computer is preferably worn separately or with a shielded two-core cable;

♦ After the wiring box of the junction box is connected, do a good job of sealing to prevent the intrusion of rainwater, moisture, etc., and the remote transmission instrument cannot work normally. The junction box should be tightly tightened after repair or debugging.

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