What are the characteristics of the magnetic sensitive two-color liquid level gauge?
- 2019-08-08-

The magnetic sensitive two-color liquid level gauge is our new product developed by ourselves. In order to better meet the needs of users, we use imported electronic components and high-quality stainless steel materials in the manufacture of high-brightness LED two-color LED tubes. The column display, the level of the measured liquid level can be displayed by the red and green changes of the LED light column; the product scale is clear, the brightness is high, and the display angle is large, so the visible distance is long.

Optional limit switch for upper and lower limit control and alarm;

Optional liquid level transmitter converts the measured liquid level change into 4~20mADC standard signal, which realizes long-distance indication, detection, recording and control, and can also communicate with computer system.

Our magnetically sensitive two-color level gauge has the following features:

1. The product design is simple, the installation is simple, the service life is long, the maintenance is basically unnecessary, and it can be installed indoors and outdoors for a long time;

2. The remote transmission integrated structure is more convenient for automated management;

3, the characteristics of electronic light-emitting two-color display, the observation at night is very eye-catching, suitable for use in places with poor light;

4, the fog-shaped LED light-emitting tube, strong penetrability, not glare, suitable for remote monitoring of industrial cameras;

5. The measuring tube and the liquid level display part, the alarm switch and the liquid level transmitter are completely isolated from the withstand voltage;

6, pressure resistance from vacuum to 42Mpa, corrosion resistance ≤ 2.5Mpa;

7, working temperature range: -160 ° C ~ +530 ° C;

8, for strong and weak corrosive, flammable and explosive, toxic, strong radioactive, agitated, dirty liquid level measurement;

9. Optional magnetic limit switch to realize automatic control of high and low liquid level or alarm;

10, each model can be equipped with 4~20mADC liquid level transmitter to achieve long-distance centralized measurement

The characteristics of these magnetic-sensitive two-color liquid level gauges are all improved by the scientific research personnel of our company on the basis of the original magnetic flap level gauge. Compared with the magnetic flap level gauge, it has a great improvement. You can call the technical department of Henan Tianchen Measurement and Control Instrument Co., Ltd.

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