Several important installation steps for the magnetic float level gauge
- 2019-07-29-

In fact, the installation of the magnetic float level gauge is relatively simple, as long as the specification is installed according to the requirements of the product specification, it will reduce many failures during use. The following is the experience of Tianchen Instrument Company's actual installation experience over the years.

1. Installation environment: Because the magnetic float level gauge is a meter that uses magnetic work, it must avoid the magnetically guided object during installation to avoid the magnetic float being adsorbed on the magnetically guided object, which will affect the normal measurement.

2, material selection: in the installation of magnetic float liquid level timing, can not use wire or other magnetic materials to fix the level gauge, when selecting materials, you can choose different non-magnetic materials according to the temperature of the medium (such as stainless steel wire , copper wire).

3. Measurement environment: The material of the outer cylinder of the magnetic float level gauge cannot select the material that chemically reacts with the medium; there is no magnetic substance in the medium, which is easy to hinder the float and affect the measurement of the liquid level.

4, the installation should be easy to clean: the magnetic float level gauge in the process of use with the medium is inevitable, after a period of use, more or less will have the precipitation of dirt, in order to facilitate the cleaning of the level gauge Therefore, in the installation of the liquid level timing, we must first consider how to use the flange and the container to connect, so as to facilitate the cleaning of the level gauge in the future.

5. Range selection: When selecting tanks such as towers, tanks, tanks, spherical containers, etc., the measurement range and installation method should be confirmed. Whether it is side-mounted or top-mounted, the accurate height (range) must be measured with a tape measure. According to the working conditions of the site, choose the size of the flange, which will bring convenience to the measurement and installation of the level gauge, so that it is foolproof and has twice the result with half the effort.

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