What technical parameters should I order for the magnetic flap level gauge?
- 2019-07-04-

In order to operate normally after the magnetic flap level gauge is installed, the customer must provide the manufacturer with specific technical parameters when ordering the magnetic flap level gauge.

With these parameters, a magnetic flap level gauge that matches the equipment can be produced. Therefore, the customer needs to provide the following technical parameters:

1. The density of the medium needs to be provided: because the magnetic float in the pontoon of the magnetic flap is floating up and down with the change of the liquid level. If the density of the medium provided by the customer is not accurate enough, the float may not float or indicate If the liquid level height does not match the actual liquid level, an error will occur.

2. It is necessary to provide the medium temperature: because the float of the magnetic flap level gauge has high temperature magnetic steel and low temperature magnetic steel. If the temperature of the medium provided by the customer is not accurate, it may cause the magnetic steel to be affected by the high temperature medium and the magnetism is slow. Slowly degraded, the liquid level cannot be indicated normally; in addition, the panel of the magnetic flap level gauge also has high, medium and low temperature points. If the medium temperature is too high, the magnetic column in the panel will fall off and the liquid level cannot be indicated. Affect the normal use of the level gauge.

3, need to provide accurate center flange distance and flange size: (as shown in Figure L) If the flange has been installed on the equipment on the site, when ordering the magnetic flap liquid level timing, must measure the accurate upper and lower center flange Distance and flange size, ready for the next installation of the level gauge, must not be sloppy, the error is ±1mm, if the error is large, there is no possibility of installation; in addition, the size of the flange is not Sloppy, otherwise, it is possible that the bolt holes cannot be matched and cannot be installed.

4, need to provide the distance from the liquid flange to the ground; (as shown in Figure C) If the on-site level gauge overhead is not more than 350mm-400mm, the size is less than this range, it is best to provide to the manufacturer, the manufacturer will Make different sizes of drain valves, or make a special structure of the level gauge to prevent the low end of the level gauge from dying on the ground.

5, the distance between the gas and liquid flange faces to the main pipe is generally about 100mm. If these dimensions require long or do the ends, the manufacturer needs to be told. If there are no special requirements, they are customized according to the conventional size.

6, need to provide the viscosity of the medium, whether it is easy to crystallize: because the medium is too thick, it will make the float up and down the operation is blocked, and will also be stuck in the float; if there is a medium that is easy to crystallize, do the liquid level timing Need to add insulation.

7, need to provide media on which materials do not corrode: because the conventional magnetic flap level gauges are mostly 201, 304, 316, 316L material, so what kind of manufacturer should be provided before the level gauge It is also critical that the material medium is not corroded.

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