Glass tube level gauge use problem and prevention
- 2019-10-21-

The glass tube liquid level gauge is a direct reading liquid level measuring instrument . The measurement is accurate and the structure is simple . However, some problems will occur during the use. The following are the common problems we have summarized and related measures for their prevention:

Glass breakage due to unexpected conditions:

First, remove the broken glass tube. The operation is as follows: first remove the clamp and the protective cover , then unscrew the upper and lower valve nuts , and take out the packing gland and sealing gasket ;

Then install a new glass tube: in the order of the connecting nut, the packing gland, the sealing gasket is placed on both ends of the glass tube, the lower end is inserted into the lower valve in the order of the first lower and the upper, the upper end is inserted into the upper valve, and then the nut and the cover are screwed . The upper protective cover can be locked with a clamp .

Prevention method:

Transportation: sturdy packaging, light handling , to prevent damage to parts

Storage: Storage conditions should be dry and ventilated, and there should be no corrosive gas liquid .

Regular cleaning: After starting to use, clean the inner and outer walls of the glass tube regularly . Always close the upper and lower valves before cleaning to prevent the liquid in the container from flowing out. The removed glass tube can be rinsed with water or soaked with alcohol. Pay attention to the installation after cleaning .

Inspection and maintenance : Maintain a fixed time for maintenance and repair, to prevent the instrument from rusting and corrosion. It is recommended that the usage record and maintenance record can be made .

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