What are the methods for level measurement?
- 2019-10-18-

At present, there are many objects for measuring the level, such as the measurement of medium under normal temperature and normal pressure, the measurement of medium under high temperature and high pressure, and the measurement of the level of medium such as flammable and easy crystallization, in order to meet the level measurement. Different requirements have been established, and a variety of level measurement methods have been established. According to the measurement principle, it can be divided into the following categories:

Pressure level measurement (level measurement )

The principle is as follows: the difference between the static pressure of a certain part of the measured medium (referred to as point A ) and the space pressure above point A will be proportional to the height of the medium above point A , and the level can be measured by differential pressure.


Electrical level measurement (level, level measurement)

When the component is placed in the measured medium, the resistance, inductance or capacitance of the electrode will change with the change of the level.


Direct reading level measurement (level measurement)

The relative height of the liquid level in the container is indicated by a glass tube or a glass plate .


Buoyancy level measurement (level, interface)

The level is measured by the position of the float on the liquid surface in the meter , or according to the buoyancy of the float under the liquid as the liquid level changes .

Acoustic level measurement ( level, level and interface )

Detecting the level by using the propagation velocity of ultrasonic waves in the medium and the reflection characteristics between different phase interfaces


Radar level measurement ( level, level and interface )

The radar wave can be used for level measurement, mainly including pulse radar, frequency modulation continuous and guided wave radar.

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