Electromagnetic flowmeter cleaning method
- 2019-10-28-

The electromagnetic flowmeter has high measurement accuracy, stable performance and long working time, so it can be seen in various industries. It is often used to measure viscous or sludge media, but these media can easily cover the two measuring electrodes of the electromagnetic flowmeter. This in turn affects the measurement results and even causes some problems, so it is necessary to clean the electromagnetic flowmeter regularly. Here are a few cleaning methods:

Mechanical removal  

Mechanical scrapers are usually used. A scraper having a thin rod is made of stainless steel, and a mechanical seal is used between the thin rod and the hollow electrode to prevent the medium from flowing out, thereby forming a mechanical scraper. When the thin shaft is rotated from the outside, the thin shaft rotates relative to the plane of the electrode end to scrape off dirt. This type of scraper can be driven manually or automatically by a motor-driven thin shaft.

Ultrasonic cleaning  

The ultrasonic voltage (45 to 65 kHz) generated by the ultrasonic generator is applied to the electrodes, so that the energy of the ultrasonic waves is concentrated on the contact surface between the electrodes and the medium, and the ultrasonic breaking ability is utilized for the purpose of cleaning.

Electrical breakdown

The method is applied periodically between the electrode and the medium using an alternating high voltage (typically 30 to 100 V). Since the electrodes are attached, the surface contact resistance becomes large, and the applied voltage is almost concentrated on the attached matter, and the high voltage causes the attached matter to be broken and then washed away by the fluid.

We all know that in the case of a malfunction of the electromagnetic flowmeter, the maintenance cost is relatively high. If we perform regular maintenance and cleaning during normal use, this can reduce unnecessary losses and increase the life of the flowmeter.

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