How to install an electromagnetic level gauge on a high level tank?
- 2019-10-25-

As long as you pay attention to the details during the installation process, it is almost maintenance-free after commissioning, and the possibility of failure is small. As long as the medium is not in a two-phase flow state during the flow, it can operate stably.

When using the flowmeter for the first time, please make some simple settings, such as the form of the output signal, the various coefficients of the flowmeter, the density, the upper and lower limits of the temperature of the medium, etc., and then put them into use. Once setup is complete, there is no need to change it again. The values detected by this flowmeter can be viewed through the panel during the daily use check.

The largest maintenance workload in daily use is calibration zero and cumulative zero.

During the installation process, the temperature drift of the electronic components of the flowmeter and the detection sensor is small, but the thermal expansion of the mounting flange causes some asymmetric stress, so if the zero point is suspected to be inaccurate, zero calibration can be performed.

After calibrating the flowmeter, close the front and rear hand valves in the order of the previous ones to ensure that the medium is filled with the flowmeter. When using, open the front valve first, then open the rear valve.

Internal structure:

The flowmeter uses a 220V AC power supply and is explosion proof. The outer casing is thick, and a safety ground wire is required in the outer casing for safe grounding.

After unscrewing the front cover, you can see the layout structure inside the flowmeter. It is a layered installation of multilayer boards. The bottom layer has a fuse for the power board. If the medium mass flow meter has electricity but is not displayed, you can check if the fuse is burnt.


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