How to install the magnetic flap level gauge
- 2019-10-24-

Magnetic flap level gauges are widely used in most plants. In fact, the maintenance of the electromagnetic damper level gauge is second. As long as the installation is correct and there is little maintenance, then we first look at how to install it correctly:

1. Must be installed vertically to ensure that the float assembly can move up and down in the main pipe.

2. It is recommended to install a shut-off valve between the container and the level gauge to cut off the material when cleaning and repairing the liquid level.

3. There should be no magnets around the main body of the level gauge to avoid affecting the normal operation of the level gauge.

4. After installing the level gauge, the electromagnetic steel needs to be calibrated. The guide column shows red below zero and white above zero.

5. When put into use, the lower liquid guide valve should be opened first, so that the liquid medium can smoothly enter the main body tube, so as to prevent the liquid medium from rising rapidly with the float ball assembly staying. This can cause the steering column to fail and turn over. (If this happens, recalibrate the magnetic surface after the liquid level has stabilized)

6. To avoid damage to the float assembly during transport, remove the float assembly from the body of the gauge before leaving the factory. After installing the level gauge, open the bottom drain flange and reload the float assembly into the main tube. Note that the heavier part of the float assembly is facing up and cannot be flipped.


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