Lightning protection of vortex flowmeter
- 2019-10-22-

For places with more thunderstorms, it is important to prevent lightning damage to the vortex flowmeter. Here we will discuss the following:


Danger caused by lightning strikes on vortex flowmeters:

1. Lightning will burn the instrument through the intruding power supply;

2. Lightning is generated at the same time as the strong magnetic field is generated. The electronic components of the instrument generate magnetic induction and immediately generate strong voltage and current, which will break through the insulator and the instrument.

3. The lightning pulse wave will burn the communication chip or instrument through the wireless network and invade the vortex flowmeter.

Lightning protection measures are difficult to implement, mainly with the following problems:

1. The meter is usually installed in a place with few people, and the road is difficult to walk.

2. The heat pipe is very long and has an overhead and a buried method.

3. The user is usually located in a development zone away from the thermal power plant, with a sparse population, compared to the overhead lines of lightning.

4. Urban heating is mainly hotels, bathrooms, etc., where the earth's environmental pollution is relatively serious, the soil electrolyte concentration is high, and it is easy to be struck by lightning.

5. The instrument and instrument case are usually installed outdoors. Wind and rain, easy to be oxidized by rust, the grounding effect is getting worse. The high-altitude erection of wires is the target of lightning, GPRS wireless meter reading system, in which remote communication is vulnerable to vibration and instrument damage caused by lightning.

The areas to be improved are as follows:

1. Develop a work plan and management system to periodically check the vortex flowmeter before installing all users during the annual thunderstorm season.

2. Measure all grounding devices and meet safety requirements. If the grounding resistance value is found to vary greatly, the grounding system should be thoroughly inspected and filled with grounding piles if necessary.

3. The conductor of the conductor of the lightning protection device is broken due to corrosion or other reasons, and the corrosion is more than 30 % and must be replaced.

4. Check if there is soil subsidence on the ground around the equipment.

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