Gas turbine flow meter

Gas turbine flow meter

Product Details

I. Overview of gas turbine flowmeter

LWQ gas turbine flowmeter combines theories of fluid mechanics, gas mechanics and electromagnetics. It is a new generation of gas precision measuring instruments developed by us. It greatly improves the accuracy and reliability, and has excellent low-pressure and high-pressure metering performance. The signal output mode has low sensitivity to fluid disturbance, and has been widely used in the measurement of natural gas, coal gas, liquefied gas, light hydrocarbon gas and the like.
LWQ gas turbine flowmeter includes: Turbo flow sensor ( developed by advanced ultra-low-power single-chip microcomputer technology ) and display intelligent integrated instrumentation with dual-row LCD on-site display, compact structure, intuitive and clear reading It has obvious advantages such as high performance, no interference from external power sources, lightning strike resistance and low cost. The integrated meter can display a large number of flow units, including cubic meters, gallons, liters, standard cubic meters, standard liters, etc., can set fixed pressure, temperature parameters to compensate for gas, and occasions where pressure and temperature parameters change little. The meter can be used for fixed compensation integration. The high-definition LCD displays both instantaneous flow (4 significant digits) and cumulative flow (8 significant digits with clear function). All valid data is not lost after 10 years of power failure. Gas turbine flowmeters are explosion-proof products with an explosion-proof rating of ExdIIBT6.

LWQ gas turbine flowmeter can be divided into LWQ-□B type and LWQ-□C type according to the power supply mode and whether it has remote signal output.
LWQ-□B type: The battery adopts long-lasting lithium battery. The single-function integrated meter battery life can reach more than 5 years, and the multi-function display battery life can reach more than 12 months. No signal output function.
LWQ-□C type: The power supply is powered by 24VDC and outputs 4-20mA standard two-wire current signal. RS485 or HART communication can be added according to different site requirements.

Second, gas turbine flowmeter product features

♦Gas turbine flowmeter is a kind of precision flow measuring instrument, which can be used to measure the flow and total amount of liquid with the corresponding flow metering instrument;

♦ Gas turbine flowmeters Gas turbine flowmeters equipped with sanitary joints can be used in the pharmaceutical industry. The integrated gas turbine flowmeter structure is explosion-proof and can display the total flow, instantaneous flow and flow full percentage;

♦ Wide flow range (Qmax/Qmin≥20:1), good repeatability, high precision (up to 1.0), low pressure loss, low initial flow, up to 0.6m3/h;

♦Adopt advanced ultra-low power single-chip microcomputer technology, the whole machine has strong functions, low power consumption and superior performance;

♦The intelligent instrument has multi-point nonlinear correction, and the accuracy of the correction formula is better than ±0.02%;

♦ The meter factor can be set online by button, and can be displayed on the LCD screen. The LCD screen is intuitive and clear, and the reliability is strong;

♦Using EEPROM to accumulate flow and instrument coefficient power-down protection, the protection time is more than 10 years. High-performance MCU central processor is used to complete the data acquisition and processing display output and cumulative flow instantaneous flow;

♦ The same screen displays convenient man-machine interface implementation, and data transmission in standard RS485 format;

♦ Fully hard alloy (tungsten carbide) shielded cantilever beam structure bearing, integrating rotary bearing and pressure bearing, greatly improving bearing life and working in medium with a small amount of sediment and dirt;

♦It adopts 1Cr18Ni9Ti all-stainless steel structure, and the turbine adopts 2Cr13, which has good anti-corrosion performance;

♦Easy to repair, self-rectifying structure, small and light, simple structure, can be combined in a short time;

♦The internal cleaning is simple. It has strong anti-magnetic interference and vibration capability, reliable performance and long service life;

♦The lower limit flow rate is low and the measurement range is wide;

♦ On-site display type LCD screen display is clear and intuitive, low power consumption, 3.2V lithium battery power supply can run continuously for more than 5 years;

♦ With explosion-proof and protective functions, the explosion-proof marks are ExdIIBT6 and ExiaIICT6, and the protection grade is IP65;

Third, the measurement range and working pressure : (Note: the measurement range is the flow range under working conditions)        

Model specification

Nominal diameter


Flow range (m3/h) Starting flow (m3/h)

Work pressure


Installation form
LWQ-25A 25 (1") 0.7 to 7 0.6 4.0



LWQ-25B 1.5 to 15 1.0 4.0
LWQ-25C 3~30 2.0 4.0
LWQ-40A 40 (1.5") 4~40 2.5 4.0 Flange, thread
LWQ-40B 8~80 3 4.0
LWQ-50A 50 (2") 10~100 3.5 4.0 Flange
LWQ-50B 15~150 4 4.0 Flange
LWQ-80 80 (3") 15~300 4 1.6 Flange
LWQ-100 100 (4") 20~400 5 1.6 Flange
LWQ-150 150 (6") 50~1000 8 1.6 Flange
LWQ-200 200 (8") 100~2000 20 1.6 Flange
LWQ-250 250 (10") 150~3000 30 1.6 Flange
LWQ-300 300 (12") 200~4000 40 1.6 Flange

Fourth, gas turbine flow meter instrument selection

Selection instructions

When selecting the type, the user should reasonably select the model specification of the flowmeter according to the nominal pressure of the pipeline, the highest pressure of the medium, the temperature of the medium, the composition of the medium, the flow range and the signal output requirements.

In order to optimize the performance of the flowmeter, the flowmeter should be used within the range of (20%~80%) Qmax.


Gas turbine flowmeter selection table                                                                                       

model Description
LWQ- -□ /□ /□
Types of N Pulse output gas turbine flow sensor
Instrument caliber 25A/B/C 25mm
40A/B 40mm
50A/B 50mm
80 80mm
100 100mm
150 150mm
200 200mm
250 250mm
300 300mm
Sensor material N Basic material, high quality aluminum alloy. (Maximum withstand voltage: 1.0MPa)
S Stainless steel. (high pressure anti-corrosion type)
Special structure A Oxygen-specific structure (deoiling and degreasing treatment)
B Compressed air dedicated structure (high flow rate design)


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