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How to use and install the glass rotor flowmeter?
- 2019-06-03-

The glass rotor flowmeter is a traditional type of flowmeter. It is cheap, simple in structure, easy to operate and install, so it is used very much, but it is also a fragile product, so be careful when using it. Today, let's take a brief look at how the glass rotor flowmeter can be used correctly and increase its service life.

1. After receiving the glass rotor flowmeter, first observe whether the glass tube is intact. If it is damaged during transportation, it can be directly communicated to the express and the manufacturer for processing. Next, remove the fixture or filler inside the glass tube (to prevent the flow meter float from sliding up and down), then gently pour it to see if the rotor can slide up and down. If you can't slide freely, gently vibrate the support plate. If you can't slide it, you need to contact a professional technician to disassemble the machine.

2. When installing on the pipeline, the flowmeter should be installed vertically. It must be seen whether the upstream and downstream pipelines are in a straight line. If it is not, it will affect the accuracy of the meter measurement and damage the meter, so be sure to confirm it.

3. After the above two points are completed, you can start using it. After installation, the operator should read the instructions first and be familiar with the product operation. Then open the valve and open it slowly. If the flow can float the rotor but the rotor does not move upwards, stop the valve immediately and gently tap the pipe to allow the rotor to rise slowly. It must be noted that many operators open the valve too hard, causing damage to the glass tube when the valve is opened.

4, pay attention to safe use: some people in order to more clearly observe the flow meter reading, will remove the front cover of the flow meter, and the glass tube is easy to blast, the cover is removed and used, can not play a protective role. Therefore, it is not possible to remove the cover.

5, the glass tube is fragile, due to the role of thermal expansion and contraction, so we must pay attention to the temperature difference when using, day and night temperature difference.

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