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How to clean the glass tube level gauge dirt?
- 2019-06-03-

The glass tube level gauge is a measuring tool suitable for on-site inspection. Its structural characteristics are as follows:
There are steel balls in the upper and lower valves. When the glass tube is accidentally damaged, the steel ball can be automatically sealed under the pressure of the container, and the liquid in the container cannot continue to flow out. The upper and lower needle valves of the level gauge are equipped with blocking screws for deflation. The upper and lower valves are equipped with flange joints, which can be connected to the container as a communicating device, and the glass tube can directly indicate the liquid level in the container. The "jacket type" is equipped with a cooling or heating device. It can be steamed when heated. It can be used to circulate water during cooling. The fluidity can be adjusted. The jacket type is the ZG1/4'' internal thread.

The glass tube level gauge will leave dirt after using for a period of time. How to clean it is an important thing. The following are common methods, which can be used for reference:

First, pure water cleaning. Put the glass tube level gauge into the sink of pure water and wash it. It should be noted that if the dirt is too serious, it needs to be soaked for a period of time before cleaning, usually 30 minutes or 1 hour, so that the dirt can fall off when soaked, and the cleaning effect can be better achieved.

Second, distilled water cleaning. Distilled water is different from pure water, and it has better corrosive effect. It can quickly destroy stains, dirt, etc., and complete effective cleaning. Compared with pure water, it is faster and more effective, especially when dirt and stains are serious. Distilled water cleaning is the best choice.

In addition to regular cleaning, the maintenance of the glass tube level gauge is also very important, mainly including the following three points:
1. The level gauge in use should be checked regularly. Clean the dirt on the inner and outer walls of the glass to make the liquid clear.
2. In order to ensure the automatic sealing effect of the ball, the medium pressure in the container should be greater than 0.2 MPa. When opening the upper and lower valves, note that the number of revolutions of the valve stem is not less than 4 turns (so that when the steel ball is closed, it can be avoided. The top of the stem.)
3. The two flange end faces connected to the glass tube liquid level gauge on the container should be in the same vertical plane. Otherwise, the valve will be twisted after the liquid level gauge is installed, causing the glass tube to break.

Therefore, I would like to know more about the glass tube level gauge, pay attention to the maintenance and cleaning of the product, increase the service life of the product and save costs.

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