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Common faults and solutions for magnetic float level gauges
- 2019-06-03-

The magnetic float level gauge has a simple structure and is easy to operate. There are some common problems that need to be noted:

  • There is liquid in the tank, but it is not shown. The reasons are: the density of the medium changes; the float is damaged; the connection of the container is blocked.

  • Solution: Replace the float and unblock the connecting tube.

  • Frequent occurrences of false liquid level are caused by: 1. When the measuring medium is processed, tiny impurities generate foam; 2. The magnetic properties of the float or magnetic flap are weakened; 3. The switch of the dry yellow tube has a problem.

  • Solution: 1. Regularly drain the pontoon. 2. If the magnetic is weakened, you can use the magnetic bar to brush back and forth several times to increase the magnetic. 3. If there is any problem with the dry yellow, you can only use the multimeter to measure the damaged part, then use the shielding. Methods.

  • With long-distance transmission, there may be different situations between the scene and the remote transmission. In this case, first check if there is a problem with the float, then look at the remote converter, and finally check the wiring and system.

  • Solution: first drain the dirt, open the check float, measure the current signal, confirm that there is no problem with the system and wiring, and finally calibrate the converter. Make the data consistent with the data we uploaded.

How to discharge sewage?

1. When discharging the pontoon, follow the operation steps: first place the felt under the sewage outlet to prevent contamination of the ground;

2. Let the main control room stop the watch, fix the drain pipe on the drain valve after listening to the watch, and connect the drain bucket below; turn off the upper and lower pressure valve of the liquid level gauge in sequence; slowly open the drain valve to observe the sewage discharge;

3. After the magnetic flap level gauge is empty, close the small drain valve, open the upper sampling tube to confirm whether it is smooth, and then close it; then open the lower sampling tube to confirm whether it is unobstructed, then close it; confirm that there is no problem, close the drain valve, To use the liquid level gauge, open the pressure valve in the order of first, then, and lower, observe whether the instrument indication is normal; notify the main control room; remove the sewage pipe and clean it.

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