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What problems should I pay attention to when using the electric contact water level gauge?
- 2019-06-03-

Note on using the electrical contact water level gauge :

1. Carefully select the electrode, the insulation resistance should be above 20MΩ.

2. The electrode should be put in when the boiler is started, so that the temperature rises slowly.

3. When operating and replacing the electrode, close the steam door before opening the drain door, then drain the water in the measuring tube, wait for the water level container to release pressure, and then completely disassemble it after cooling.

4. When the water level meter is restarted after replacing or replacing the electrode, the drain door should be opened first, the steam water valve should be opened slowly, then the drain door should be closed slowly, and then the water level gauge should be operated.

5. Do not tap when disassembling the electrode. Care must be taken to install the joint surface and the thread to be vertical. When screwing in the electric contact electrode, it is recommended to apply lead oil or molybdenum disulfide on the thread to facilitate the next disassembly.  

Source of error in the electric contact water level gauge:

First, the electrode is mounted on the measuring cylinder at a certain distance, and its output signal is determined to be stepped, which does not reflect the change trend of the water level between the two poles. Therefore, if the water level changes within a certain range, there is waiting time (insensitive area of the meter), which in turn forms the inherent error of the water level gauge.

Secondly, in the case of one electrode, if the diameter of the core is a, the turn-on is a/2, and when it is turned off, the delay is a/2, so there is an error of ±a/2 when the contact is turned on or off. Therefore, it is better to install electrical contacts with unequal distances.

In addition, the electrical contacts of this product are basically alumina insulated electrodes. It is resistant to temperature and pressure, but it cannot withstand sudden changes in temperature and large mechanical shocks. Therefore, when replacing or maintaining the electrode, it should be done when the temperature of the measuring cylinder is low to avoid damage caused by thermal shock. It is best to preheat or heat up with the equipment.

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