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Precautions for installation and use of glass tube level gauge
- 2019-06-03-

In the industrial production process, the glass tube liquid level gauge is mainly responsible for on-site inspection of the liquid position in the liquid storage equipment, and is a traditional on-site liquid level measuring tool. In order to make the measurement data more accurate, you need to pay attention to a few things:

1. During transportation and installation: Do not hit or beat. Handle it gently to prevent the glass tube and glass piece from being broken and affect the use.

2. After installation: When the medium temperature is high, the valve cannot be opened immediately. It should be preheated for 20-30 minutes. After the temperature of the glass tube is reached, the valve can be slowly opened.

To open the valve: first open the valve, then open the valve, let the measured medium slowly enter the glass tube, the valve must be slow to open.

4. When installing, pressure test should be carried out together with the container according to the relevant regulations. After the water pressure test of 1.25 times working pressure, the air tightness test with 1.05 times working pressure can be used only after confirming that there is no leakage.

5, the use of the level gauge, pay attention to maintenance, often clean the dirt inside and outside the glass tube, keep the liquid level display clear. Cleaning procedure: first close the upper and lower valves connected to the container, then open the drain valve, drain the residual liquid in the glass tube, use the detergent or brush to remove the dirt on the inner wall, and choose the appropriate cleaning agent.

If the quartz tube breaks or there is more dirt, it needs to be replaced. The specific steps are as follows:

First remove the body, unscrew the nut and nut at both ends, remove the quartz glass tube with a stick, take out the graphite ring, put in a new quartz tube, then put the graphite ring on it, insert it into the body, and tighten the nuts at both ends. And the nut can be used without any leakage.

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