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Selection and installation of thermal gas mass flowmeter
- 2019-06-03-

The thermal gas flowmeter is a meter that uses the heat transfer principle to detect the flow rate, that is, according to the heat exchange relationship between the fluid in the flow and the heat source (the object heated inside or outside the fluid or the heating body outside the measuring tube); the main measurement gas; heat Gas mass flow meters are mainly divided into two categories, namely heat distributed and immersed (or plug-in).

1. Characteristics of thermal gas mass flowmeter

(1) Main features of the heat distributed mass flowmeter: direct measurement of mass flow without temperature and pressure compensation; non-contact type, no moving parts, no obstruction, low pressure loss, high reliability; low flow rate micro gas can be measured Flow rate, minimum 5mL/min (standard state); gas medium is dry and clean, free of moisture, oil, etc.; split type can obtain linear characteristics, can be used to measure large and medium pressure flow, ensure shunt temperature when used; slow dynamic response The time constant is about 5s.

(2) Main features of immersion thermal mass flowmeter: direct measurement of mass flow without temperature and pressure compensation; no moving parts, high reliability; suitable for large diameter, non-circular cross-section pipes, narrow space measurement (plug-in type) Tested as a platinum resistance sensor with a stainless steel casing, it is not sensitive to dust, solid particles, oil and moisture in other parts. The plug-in type can be continuously taken out for repair and replacement. Can be used to measure dirty fluid measurements.

2. Selection of thermal gas mass flowmeter

(1) For small and trace gas flows, the heat distributed mass flow meter can be used for single component gas or fixed ratio mixed gas measurement.

(2) A plug-in immersion thermal mass flow meter can be selected for large-caliber flow measurement.

3. Precautions for installation and use of thermal gas mass flowmeter

(1) In terms of installation, most of the thermal distribution can be installed in any position (horizontal, vertical or inclined), as long as the electrical zero adjustment is made under working conditions pressure and temperature after installation, but some instruments must be strictly in accordance with the instructions. . Most immersion types are not affected by the installation posture, but at low flow rates, follow the instructions carefully.

(2) In terms of the front straight pipe section, the heat distribution is not sensitive, and the immersion flow sensor and the plug-in meter with the measuring tube require a certain length of the straight straight pipe section, and are installed according to the manufacturer's suggestion.

(3) The vibration of the pipe connected to the thermal mass flow meter does not cause vibration interference in the common range; the detection rod of the plug-in thermal mass flow meter must be fixed to the pipe and avoid the vibration place.

(4) The thermal mass flowmeter has a long response time and is not suitable for pulsating flow.


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