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How to buy a suitable glass rotor flowmeter?
- 2019-06-03-

In order to make the glass rotor flowmeter achieve the expected results, the following points should be noted when purchasing:

1. The measurement medium is a gas, which is greatly affected by temperature and pressure. Since the gas is easily compressed, the temperature and pressure changes will cause the density of the gas to change. When the manufacturer calibrates the scale, it will be calibrated according to the influence of these parameters. Even with gas flow meters, there are errors in the results of different measurements in the environment.

2, the flow range problem, do not think that the flowmeter of the same diameter, the greater the flow the better, the flow of glass and metal tube rotor flowmeter is smaller and larger than 10 times, so the flow range should also be considered when selecting the type , try to provide an accurate range of measurements.

3. Installation conditions:

The direction of the pipe arrangement, the flow direction, the length of the straight pipe section on the upstream and downstream sides of the test piece, the pipe diameter, the grounding, the auxiliary equipment (filter, getter), the space for installation and maintenance, etc.

4. Environmental conditions:

Environmental humidity, temperature, electromagnetic interference, pipeline vibration, safety, etc.;

5. Economic factors:

Instrument purchase fee, installation fee, operation fee, calibration fee, maintenance fee, instrument service life, spare parts and so on.

Of course, there will be other factors, such as viscosity, corrosion, and so on. So buying it is not a very simple matter and requires a comprehensive analysis.

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