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What are the common faults of diffused silicon pressure transmitters?
- 2019-06-06-

Diffuse Silicon Pressure Transmitter Common Troubleshooting:

1. During installation, the axis of the pressure sensitive component of the transmitter should be perpendicular to the direction of gravity. If the installation conditions are limited, the transmitter zero position should be adjusted and then adjusted to the standard value.

2. The residual pressure cannot be released, and the zero position of the sensor cannot come down. The best way is to remove the sensor and observe if the zero position is normal. If the zero position is normal, you need to replace the seal and try again.

3. The output of the transmitter does not change when pressurized, and suddenly changes when it is pressurized. When the pressure is released, the zero position of the transmitter cannot be returned. This situation is most likely caused by the seal of the pressure sensor.

4. Check if the power supply meets the requirements; whether the wiring between the power supply and the transmitter and the load device is wrong. If there is no voltage on the transmitter terminal or the polarity is reversed, it may cause the transmitter to have no voltage signal output.

5. The outer casing of the pressure sensor and transmitter is generally grounded. The signal cable and power cable cannot be mixed and laid. There should be no strong electromagnetic interference around the sensor and the transmitter. The two must be periodically checked according to relevant regulations. .

6. When selecting the pressure sensor and transmitter, the user must first understand the working condition of the pressure measurement system, and then choose a reasonable choice according to the needs.

Finally, the pressure transmitter is best checked once a week, once a month, to remove the dust inside, carefully check the electrical components, and often check the output current value, the pressure transmitter is weak inside, to be stronger than the outside world Electrically separated.

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