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The director of Shanxi Changzhi has set the electric contact water level gauge to be shipped
- 2019-07-12-

Shangzhi, Director of Shanxi Changzhi, on July 12, 2019, ordered 2 sets of electric water in Henan Tianchen Measurement and Control Instrument Co., Ltd.bitometeras provided parameters Production is completed, the factory passed the test granted. We have shipped through Tiandi Huayu and expect to arrive in 3 days. Please keep your phone open. Thank you very much for your support of Henan Tianchen Measurement & Control Instrument Co., Ltd.

Please press the box after receiving the product Carry out the nuclear experiment only, carefully read the instruction manual before installation. If you have any problems during the installation, please feel free to contact us. Technical Service Hotline: 15903052109


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