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A chemical company in Henan installed my company's automatic chain control has passed security inspection
- 2019-09-06-

According to the requirements of the Safety Bureau, the chemical company must install an automatic liquid level control device before September 20, 2019. For the safety period, the company chose our company's automatic liquid level control, which is to automatically control the liquid level at the highest and lowest points of the equipment liquid level; when the liquid level reaches the set maximum liquid level, it automatically The liquid level control device will act to stop the pump body, and the shut-off valve installed on the conveying pipe is also closed; on the contrary, when the liquid level reaches the set minimum liquid level, the pump body and the pipe are output. The upper shut-off valve is also closed at the same time, so that the flammable and explosive liquid level is not exhausted and evacuated, which effectively ensures the safety of production personnel and equipment and avoids accidents. The company passed the inspection of the Security Bureau on September 5, 2019 and granted production.

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