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High-voltage interpolation capacitive level gauge features
- 2019-08-05-

UYB series capacitive liquid level meter is a new generation of liquid level meter and level detection instrument developed by our scientific research personnel after years of research and practice. In particular, it is specially designed for the detection of three high-pressure liquid levels such as ammonia, cold cross and copper tower in the small and medium-sized small nitrogen fertilizer industry. In particular, high-voltage interpolation capacitive liquid level gauges have the following characteristics:

1. Simple structure: Because our company adopts advanced mechatronic structure, it successfully solves the problem of sealing and insulation under high temperature and high pressure conditions. Without any movable parts, the reliability is relatively high, and the maintenance is very small. There is no need for routine maintenance.

2, easy to install: a high-voltage interpolation capacitor level gauge working at 32MPa especially shows this feature, a person with a wrench, can be installed in ten minutes.

3. Convenient debugging: Zero point and range can be used for zero point migration and range adjustment within the effective range of capacitance level gauge detection.

4, a wide range of adaptation: can be customized according to the user's specific equipment structure, process conditions and use requirements, can be adapted to the continuous detection of liquid level and level under a variety of conditions.

5, low operating costs: because the capacitive level gauge uses advanced smart transmitter technology, so there is no fragile, consumable device, compared with the isotope level gauge, no radioactive source depreciation, waste disposal costs and annual inspection Additional issues such as fees.

6. Capacitance level gauge detection is basically unaffected by changes in process conditions. The traditional float type, float type, and isotope level gauge are related to the gravity of the medium in the detection. The change of the medium severity will affect the error of the detection result.

7. Light weight: A high-voltage interpolating capacitive liquid level gauge operating at 32 MPa has a deadweight of less than three kilograms, which is one-tenth of the weight of a conventional high-pressure float type liquid level gauge.

Our company not only has an interpolated capacitor level gauge, but also has a variety of installation types such as insert type, external type, thread type, flange type, etc., to meet the level of liquid level in other chemical industry production processes from different degrees. Detection and automation control is an ideal level detection instrument.

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