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PID adjustment controller

Product Details

I. Overview

XM908 series PID control instrument universal input, can be used with various transmitters and sensors to measure, display, transmit output and alarm control of physical quantities such as flow, temperature, pressure, liquid level and humidity; PID adjustment and control for electromagnetic, pneumatic, electric valve and electric heating equipment with various actuators; and we adopt expert PID control algorithm, accurate and stable, no undershoot and overshoot; can realize all instruments in the upper computer Parameter reading and writing; manual and automatic bumpless switching; heating power can be segmented and limited, suitable for controlling silicon carbon rod and other loads; externally given function, suitable for cascade adjustment; instrument can pass direct and reverse relay, direct control with feedback (or no feedback) electric actuator.
The XM908P series curve control PID instrument is used in situations where it is necessary to automatically change the control setpoint for control at a certain time. The 50-segment programming function can set the slope of the rise and fall of any size.

Second, the functional characteristics

Features Description

This series of instruments includes XM508 (simple), XM708 (economical), XM808 (standard), XM908 (enhanced) four specifications.

For details, see "XM Series PID Meter Function Difference Comparison Table".

Input specification Universal input, digital correction and self-calibration technology, accurate and stable measurement, eliminating errors caused by temperature drift and time drift
display The instrument standard configuration double four-digit high-brightness LED display, can expand one to two analog light column display
Control output

The control output can be configured as a standard current-voltage output or a time-proportional (duty-duty mode) output (eg SSR drive, SCR zero-crossing trigger or relay module); XM908 also

With valve positive and negative control function, the servo amplifier can be cancelled, and the electric valve with valve position feedback or no valve position feedback (stroke time is 10~480 seconds) can be directly controlled.

parameter settings The values of all the function parameters are represented by subtitles. It is convenient to set up the meter without consulting the manual.
Adjustment control

Adopt advanced expert PID algorithm, stable control precision, no overshoot, no undershoot, and PID control parameter self-tuning function

The instrument also has positive and negative effects, set value limit, external reference, double set value, slow start, overshoot suppression, segmentation power limit, control output start/stop, etc.

Other functions

The instrument is equipped with two alarm outputs and one serial communication output (or transmission output). The alarm output can be equipped with a delay function.

The communication adopts the standard Modbus (RTU mode) communication protocol, and the versatility is good. And there are event output, external control, panel lock and other functions, the instrument also has an input signal open circuit alarm,

Extended functions such as heating circuit disconnection alarm, manual automatic status output, three-phase zero-crossing trigger output, single-phase phase shift trigger output, etc.

Third, the input specifications

Input type Measuring range Input type Measuring range Input type Measuring range Input type Measuring range
K -50~1300°C Wr5-26 -10~2480°C Cu50 -50~150°C 0.2~1V -1999~30000
S -50~1700°C Wr3-25 -20~2230°C Pt100 -200~600°C 1~5V -1999~30000
R -50~1530°C nA Extended index number 0~80Ω -1999~30000 0~5V -1999~30000
T -200~350°C EA1 -30~790°C 0~400Ω -1999~30000 -20~20mV -1999~30000
E 0~1000°C EU2 -140~1240°C 0~20mV -1999~30000 -100~100mV -1999~30000
J 0~1000°C BA1 -160~660°C 0~100mV -1999~30000 -5~5V -1999~3000
B 0~1800°C BA2 -200~6500°C 0~60mV -1999~30000 NU Alternate model
N 0~1300°C Cu53 -80~130°C 0~1V -1999~30000

Fourth, XM series PID instrument function difference comparison table

XM508 XM708 XM808 XM908
Input display measurement accuracy 0.2% 0.2% 0.2% 0.2%
Sampling speed 4 times / sec 4 times / sec 4 times / sec 4 times / sec
Universal input
Extended index number
Light column display
Control output Time ratio
Analog quantity
Valve reversing
Hand/automatic output
Adjustment control Positive and negative
Given value limit
Double given value
Slow start
Overshoot suppression
Segment power limit
Control output start/stop
Other functions Alarm output number 2 way 2 way 4 way 4 way
Alarm delay
Panel lock

Five, technical parameters

Input specification Thermocouples: K, S, R, N, E, J, B, T, Wr5-26, Wr3-25, EA1, EU2, etc.
Thermal resistance: Pt100, Cu50, Cu53, BA1, BA2, etc.

Voltage: 0~20mV, 0~60mV, 0~100mV, 0~1V, 0.2~1V (input impedance ≥5MΩ), 0~5V, 1~5V

(input impedance ≥ 500kΩ), etc.

Current: 0~10mA (input impedance ≤500Ω), 0~20mA, 4~20mA (input impedance ≤250Ω), etc.

Resistance: 0~80Ω, 0~400Ω, three-wire connection, requiring three-wire resistance is equal, and lead resistance is less than 18Ω

Other special signals need to be customized


Measurement accuracy: 0.2% F · S ± 1 word, sampling period: 250 ms;

Transmission accuracy: ±0.3%F·S±1 word

Display method

Eight high-bright LDE displays, some models can be selected with one or

Two high-bright LED beams

Display range -1999~30000
output method Alarm Output:

Upper limit alarm, lower limit alarm, positive deviation alarm, negative deviation alarm,

Five alarm modes such as event output.

Normally open / normally closed contact capacity is 2A/220VAC or 2A/24VDC,

Resistive load

When the relay contact is connected to an inductive load, both ends of the load must be connected to the spark absorption.

The circuit and the load capacity are correspondingly reduced.

Transmitting output:

Standard current transmission output (X module) 4~20mA, load

Resistance 500Ω, 0~10mA

Load resistance is less than or equal to 1000Ω, independent isolated power supply current output

(IX module) 4~20mA, load resistance ≤250Ω,

Standard voltage transmission output (D module) or independent isolated power supply voltage output

(ID module) 1~5V,

Load resistance ≥200kΩ.

Control output:

1 relay contact (capacity is 2A/220VAC or 2A/24VDC,

Resistive load)

2SSR drive voltage: 12VDC/30mA

3 linear current: any setting between 0~22mA (output voltage ≤11V)

4 single-phase SCR zero-crossing trigger, can trigger 5~500A bidirectional thyristor (

Or single silicon anti-parallel module)

5SCR contactless switch output (normally open), contact capacity

220AC/200mA, instantaneous working current 2A

communication method: RS232C, RS485, baud rate 4800~19200bps
Power distribution output:

5VDC, 10VDC, 12VDC, 24VDC, etc. (maximum current:


Parameter storage The number of meter parameters set by the panel (or communication write) is 1 million times, and the parameter setting value can be saved for 100 years.
Temperature compensation 0~50°C digital temperature automatic compensation
Use environment Ambient temperature 0~50°C, relative humidity ≤85%, avoid strong corrosive gases
power supply

Switching power supply: 100~240VAC (50Hz/60Hz), power consumption ≤4W

Switching power supply: 24VDC/AC±10%, power consumption ≤4W


This series of instruments is very powerful, with multiple types of input, zero and full degree correction, thermocouple cold junction digital compensation, digital filtering, communication or transmission

Interface, dual beam display, setpoint limit, external input switching double setpoint, key lock, slow start, heating power segmentation limit, heating

The function of loop disconnection alarm, valve stroke time free setting, etc. In addition, the instrument also has 4 alarm outputs with delay function, and each alarm can be

Independently set to upper limit, lower limit, positive deviation, negative deviation, etc., the first and second alarm outputs can also be set as event output, which can pass parameters

Settings (or communication settings) directly control their start and stop.

Sixth, selection type spectrum

Code Description
XM508 Simple self-tuning expert PID control instrument
XM708 Economical self-tuning expert PID control instrument
XM808 Standard self-tuning expert PID control instrument
XM908 Enhanced self-tuning expert PID control instrument
Dimensions -1, -1L 160×80×125mm (horizontal type)
-2, -2G (XM808/XM908 only), -2S (XM908 only) 80×160×125mm (vertical)
-3, -3G (XM808/XM908 only) 96×96×110mm (square type)
-4, -4G (XM808/XM908 only) 48×96×110mm (vertical)
-5 96×48×110mm (horizontal type)
-6 72×72×110mm (square type)
-7 48×48×108mm (square type)

Control output


-N no output
-RL Relay control output
-G Solid state relay drive output
-X Standard current control output
-D Standard voltage control output
-K Single-phase thyristor zero-crossing trigger output
-W Thyristor non-contact normally open output
-F Valve positive and negative control output

First alarm output


-N no output
-H Relay upper limit alarm output
-L Relay lower limit alarm output
-PH Relay positive deviation alarm output
-PL Relay negative deviation alarm output
-EV Relay event output

Second alarm output


-N no output
-H Standard current output
-L Independent isolated power supply current output
-PH Standard voltage transmission output
-PL RS485 serial communication interface

Independent isolated power supply RS485 serial

Communication Interface

Communication or transmission output


-N no output
-X Standard current output
-IX Independent isolated power supply current output
-D Standard voltage transmission output
-S RS485 serial communication interface

Independent isolated power supply RS485 serial

Communication Interface

-R RS232C serial communication interface
Auxiliary position (AUX) -N no output
-V24 24VDC (25mA) power distribution output
-DI External control input
Power supply -N


(50Hz/60Hz), switching power supply

-D 24VDC/AC±10%, switching power supply
Input type -□ See input specification sheet

※ When the instrument selects the standard current/voltage transmission output X module/D module at the control output position, if you want to select the transmission (or communication) output at the communication or transmission output position, you should select IX (or IS).

Module to achieve communication or transmission output position and control output position isolation

Type -6 meter has only the first output, the second output (or the fourth output) and the control output position
Type-7 meter has only the first output (or fourth output) and the control output position



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