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Multi-loop digital display controller

Product Details

I. Overview

The number of inspection channels of the multi-circuit digital display controller can be arbitrarily set. The standard specifications of the XMX series instruments are eight, sixteen and thirty-two; the XMX-LCD has eight and sixteen specifications; the XMX-M has only eight inspection channels.

Multi-loop digital display controller Liquid crystal display controller

The meter has multiple types of input functions, each channel can set different input signals (thermocouple / RTD / linear voltage / linear current / linear resistance), greatly reducing the number of tables. It can be used with various types of sensors and transmitters to realize measurement, display, alarm control, data acquisition and recording of physical quantities such as force, temperature, capacity and pressure level. There are two independent alarm set points in each channel. The alarm mode (upper and lower limit, lower limit, upper limit or lower limit) can be set arbitrarily through the parameters, and output through two common alarm relays.
The XMX-M meter can also output two alarm points per channel as independent alarm relays. The instrument can be equipped with a communication component (RS232/RS485), communicate with the host computer, or connect to the micro printer via the RS232 interface to print/measure the measurement data of each channel regularly.
The XMX-LCD meter features a 128*64 LCD display with 8 channels of data per screen.

Second, the functional characteristics

Features Description
signal input 16 loop universal input. Using digital correction and self-calibration technology, the measurement is accurate and stable, eliminating the error caused by temperature drift and time drift.
Resolution setting Each loop can independently set the display range and the decimal point position, and perform zero point correction. When the input is thermocouple/thermal resistance, the display resolution (decimal point position) can be selected.
Display method

XMX-M type instrument highlights LED digital display, split screen display shows each loop measurement value

LCD display of XMX-LCD type meter, showing the measured value of 8 loops per screen

Alarm mode

The upper and lower limit alarm values of each circuit are independently set, and the upper and lower limit alarm modes are set freely. The instrument is equipped with two public alarm relay outputs; when the meter is input for 8 measurement signals,

Optional 8-point upper and lower limit alarm relay output

Hand/automatic inspection Manual check and automatic patrol switching function, automatic patrol switching time can be set (in seconds).
Power supply Super-strong switching power supply, stable operation between 100~240VAC.


Third, technical parameters                                           

Input specification The instrument is divided into eight loops and sixteen loops.
Precision Display range: -1999~9999
Measurement accuracy: ±0.3%F·S, automatic compensation for temperature drift and time drift
output method Alarm Output: The normally open contact capacity is 2A/220VAC or 2A/24VDC, resistive load;
Normally closed contact capacity is 2A/220VAC or 2A/24VDC, resistive load;

When the relay contact is connected to an inductive load, the spark absorption circuit must be connected at both ends of the load.

And the load capacity is reduced accordingly.

communication method: RS232C, RS485, baud rate 1200~19200bps
Print interface: RS232C direct connection to micro printer
Parameter storage The number of meter parameters set by the panel (or communication write) is 1 million times, and the parameter setting value can be saved for 100 years.
power supply Switching power supply: 24VDC/VAC±10%, power consumption ≤4W; switching power supply: 100~240VAC, power consumption ≤4W


Fourth, input specifications                            

Sn Input type Measuring range Sn Input type Measuring range Sn Input type Measuring range
00 K -50~1300°C 08 Wre5-26 0~2300°C 22~25 spare
01 S -50~1700°C 09 Wre3-25 0~2300°C 26 0~80Ω -1999~9999
02 R -50~1700°C 10~16 spare 27 0~400Ω -1999~9999
03 T -200~350°C 17 BA1 -160~660°C 28 0~20mV -1999~9999
04 E 0~1000°C 18 BA2 -200~720°C 29 0~100mV -1999~9999
05 J 0~1000°C 19 Cu53 -80~130°C 30 0~60mV -1999~9999
06 B 0~1800°C 20 Cu50 -50~150°C 31 0~1V (0~20mA) -1999~9999
07 N 0~1300°C twenty one Pt100 -200~600°C 32 0.2~1V (4~20mA) -1999~9999


Five, selection type spectrum

Communication output


-N no output
-S RS485 serial communication interface
-R RS232C serial communication interface
-P Real time clock + print interface
Independent alarm output (XMX-M meter only) -N no output
-H 8-point independent upper limit alarm (only 8 circuits or less)
-L 8-point independent lower limit alarm (only 8 circuits or less)
-A 8 points independent upper and lower limit alarm (only 8 circuits or less)
Power supply -N 100~240VAC (50Hz/60Hz), switching power supply
-D 24VDC/AC±10%, switching power supply
Input type -□ See input specification sheet

※ When the instrument communication output position selects R or P module, the instrument has the printing function, but the R module meter needs to reset the internal clock of the instrument after power-on. When the P module is selected, it is not required.

(real time clock + print interface).



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