Flow totalizer

Flow totalizer

Product Details

I. Overview

The XMJB flow totalizer can accumulate the mass, volume, and length of the calculated material, and can also be controlled in batches. The meter has high reliability and strong anti-interference ability. Programmable input specifications, and input three signals of temperature and pressure flow. In terms of output, we adopt a modular structure design, which can alarm the upper and lower limits of pressure, instantaneous flow and temperature, and has various functions such as communication, transmission and distribution output.
In addition, the temperature and pressure compensation function can realize the temperature and pressure compensation operation of saturated steam, general gas, superheated steam and liquid through programming. The look-up table method has higher accuracy when compensating for steam. Moreover, the compensation formula can be extended according to user requirements to achieve special functions, such as accumulation of heat or other physical quantities.

When the meter is used as a batch controller, it has an independent 4-bit control accumulator and a 12-bit total accumulator, and a dedicated display state, which is powerful and easy to operate.

Second, the function description

Features Description
input signal Universal input, digital correction and self-calibration technology, accurate and stable measurement, eliminating errors caused by temperature drift and time drift
output method Upper and lower limit alarms for instantaneous flow, temperature and pressure
Display method Instantaneous flow / cumulative flow split screen display
Nonlinear input A multi-section polyline correction function is available to correct the input nonlinear signal.
Power outage The accumulated traffic has a breakpoint save function, and the data can be saved for 100 years after the breakpoint.
Quantitative controller When used as a quantitative controller, there are independent 4-bit control accumulators and 12-bit total accumulators
special function Optional open/no-side processing and setting of any range of small signal cut-off functions, as well as extended functions such as multiple time recordings
hardware design Full use of surface mount technology, and the use of multiple protection and isolation design, strong anti-interference ability, high reliability
Power supply Super switching power supply, stable operation between 100~240VAC

Third, the input specifications

Temperature compensation input specification Pressure compensation input specification


Types of

Measuring range Code Input type Measuring range Code Input type Measuring range
00 K -50~1300°C twenty one Pt100 -200~600°C 33 1~5V (4~20mA) -1999~9999
04 E 0~1000°C 28 0~20mV -1999~9999 34 0~5V (0~20mA) -1999~9999
05 J 0~1000°C 31 0~1V (0~20mA) -1999~9999
07 N 0~1300°C 32 0.2~1V (4~20mA) -1999~9999
20 Cu50 -50~150°C

Fourth, technical parameters




Voltage: 0~5V, 1~5V, etc.
Current: 0~20mA, 4~20mA (input impedance ≤5Ω), etc.
Frequency: 0~10kHz



Thermocouple: K, E, J, N, etc.
Thermal resistance: Pt100, Cu50, etc.
Voltage: 0~20mV, 0~1V, 0.2~1V (input impedance ≥5MΩ), etc.

0~10mA (input impedance ≤100Ω), 0~20mA, 4~20mA

(input impedance ≤ 50 Ω), etc.

Resistance: Three-wire wiring method requires three-wire resistance to be equal, and lead resistance is less than 18Ω



Voltage: 0~5V, 1~5V (input impedance ≥500kΩ), etc.
Current: 0~20mA, 4~20mA (input impedance ≤250Ω), etc.
Accuracy Measurement accuracy: 0.2%F·S ±1 words; instantaneous flow accuracy 0.5%F·S ±1 words after temperature/pressure compensation calculation
Transmission accuracy: ±0.3%F·S ±1 word
Display method Eight high-brightness LED display
Display range Instantaneous flow: 0~30000; cumulative flow: 0~99999999
output method

Call the police


The normally open contact capacity is 2A/220VAC or 2A/24VDC, resistive load;

Normally closed contact capacity is 2A/220VAC or 2A/24VDC, resistive load;

When the relay contact is connected to an inductive load, both ends of the load must be connected to the spark absorption circuit and loaded.

Reduced capacity



Standard current output (X module) 4~20mA, load resistance ≤500Ω, 0~10mA

Load resistance ≤1000Ω

Standard voltage transmission output (D module) or independent isolated power supply voltage output

(ID module) 1~5V

Load resistance ≥200kΩ


the way:

RS232C, RS485, baud rate 1200~19200bps

power distribution


5VDC, 10VDC, 12VDC, 24VDC, etc. (maximum current: 75mA)
Parameter storage The parameter setting of the instrument parameters (communication writing) is 1 million times, and the parameter setting value can be saved for 100 years.
Temperature compensation 0~50°C digital temperature automatic compensation
Use environment Ambient temperature: 0~50°C, relative humidity ≤85%, avoid strong corrosive gases
power supply Switching power supply: 100~240VAC (50Hz/60Hz), power consumption ≤4W
Switching power supply: 24VDC/AC±10%, power consumption ≤4W

With timed upload data, stop table setting, super upper/lower limit substitute value, stop table/blackout/fault record time,

Extended functions such as real-time clock and print interface

Five, selection type spectrum

Code Description

Intelligent temperature, pressure compensation flow

Total instrument


Intelligent temperature, pressure compensated flow liquid crystal

Restricted meter

Dimensions -1
160×80×125mm (horizontal type)
80×160×125mm (vertical)
96×96×110mm (square type)
48×96×110mm (vertical)
96×48×110mm (horizontal type)

First output


no output
Relay upper limit alarm
Relay lower limit alarm

Second output


no output
Relay upper limit alarm
Relay lower limit alarm

Communication output


no output
RS485 serial communication interface
RS232C serial communication interface

Auxiliary position


no output
Standard current output
Standard voltage transmission output
24VDC (25mA) power distribution output
24VDC (75mA) power distribution output
Power supply -N


(50Hz/60Hz), switching power supply

24VDC/AC±10%, switching power supply
Flow input type 1
1~5V voltage (or 4~20mA current)
0~5V voltage (or 0~20mA current)
Frequency input
Temperature compensation input type -□
See input specification sheet
Pressure compensation input type -□
See input specification sheet



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