Intelligent single crystal silicon pressure transmitter

Intelligent single crystal silicon pressure transmitter

Product Details

First, the product introduction

The intelligent single crystal silicon pressure transmitter is a meter that measures the pressure, liquid level and density of liquid, gas and steam. The measured result is converted into 4-20 mA • DC standard current signal output for remote detection. Indication, recording and automatic control. The transmitter is designed with a microprocessor and digital isolation module technology to greatly enhance the self-diagnosis, anti-interference and stability of the instrument. At the same time, it also has a built-in temperature sensor. The transmitter compensates, which improves the measurement accuracy of the transmitter, reduces the drift caused by temperature, and makes the operation of the transmitter more stable and reliable. Structurally, it is convenient for the user to calibrate, set and configure the transmitter for zero and span via the HART communication protocol.

Because the instrument is a field transmitter, it can be directly installed in pipelines or other containers, and is widely used in pressure measurement in industrial processes such as electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing.

Second, the working principle

The measuring part of the pressure transmitter is a fully welded stainless steel body with a solid-state piezoresistive pressure sensitive chip and a stainless steel isolating diaphragm. The steel body is filled with silicone oil. When the measured pressure acts on the isolating diaphragm, it is transferred to the sensitive chip through the silicone oil, and the sensitive chip is connected to the pressure transmitter dedicated amplifying circuit through the wire. The pressure and electrical signals are converted by the piezoresistive effect of the semiconductor silicon material. Since the electrical signal output on the sensitive chip is linear with the applied pressure, an accurate measurement of the pressure can be achieved.

Third, the pressure transmitter features

▲Adopt advanced monocrystalline silicon pressure sensor technology and packaging technology to carefully develop leading ultra-high performance pressure transmitters;

▲ One-way overload pressure can reach up to 25MPa ;

High performance with a powerful 24 -bit ADC ;

▲The latest infrared setting, one-button clear function does not affect the electrical protection level, it is safer and faster;

▲Using microprocessor as the core and adopting advanced digital isolation technology, the instrument has higher anti-interference and stability;

▲In the upper and lower limits of the range, it can be set arbitrarily, as long as the calibration range ≥ set range;

▲ Output 4-20Ma•DC two-wire signal, in line with NAMIR NE43 specification, superimposing HART communication protocol digital signal, can choose linear or square root output ;

▲ output signal limit, minimum 3.9mA , maximum 21mA ;

If the sensor or circuit fails, the automatic diagnosis function automatically outputs 22mA;

Third, the pressure transmitter parameters

1. Measurement of medium: gas, liquid, steam;

2. Accuracy: ± 0.05% , ± 0.075% , ± 0.1% ;

3. Stability: ± 0.1% / 3 years;

4, the ambient temperature impact: ≤ ± 0.04% URL / 10 ° C;

5, power supply: 10-36VDC, it is recommended to use 24VDC, ( intrinsic explosion-proof 10-26VDC) ;

6, power supply impact: ± 0.001% / 10V, negligible;

7. Environmental impact: -40 °C -85 °C;

8. Static pressure: ± 0.05% U/10MPa ;

9 , measuring medium temperature: -40 ° C -120 ° C;

10 , display: LCD, OLED;

11 , display module temperature: -20 ° C -80 ° C;

12, storage temperature: -40 ° C -105 ° C;


Five, pressure transmitter dimensions

Sixth, pressure transmitter installation

The pressure transmitter can be mounted directly on the pipe using M20*1.5 external threads or other threads, or it can be installed through the pressure tube and bracket.

Seven, pressure transmitter selection table


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