High precision differential pressure transmitter

High precision differential pressure transmitter

Product Details

First, the product introduction

Based on the EJA original watch, the TC-3051X transmitter has expanded some more useful functions. Including the rotary switch PV value can be cleared, counterclockwise reduction, clockwise increase, can be adjusted in a wide range, can also be adjusted 1uA. Good interactivity is ensured without the need for a handheld communicator. The digital liquid crystal display head can display three physical quantities of current, temperature and pressure and 0-100% analog indication. Key operation can be performed without standard pressure source, which can realize parameters such as range damping, passive migration and active migration. The settings and the data recovery and range calibration of the transmitter can be performed without a handheld device.

Second, the specification performance

1. Reference accuracy of the range measurement:

Includes linearity, hysteresis, and repeatability from zero (±0.075%, 0.1%, 0.25%);

2, square root output accuracy:

Output Precision

50% drop point

Reference accuracy × 50
≥50% Same reference accuracy Square root output (%)


Third, technical parameters

Output signal: 4-20mA·DC two-wire system

Supply voltage: 12 ~ 45V · DC

Power supply impact: <0.005%>

Load impact: no load impact when the power supply is stable

Start-up time: <2 seconds,="" no="" need="" to="" warm="">

Working environment: -25 ° C ~ +70 ° C

Relative temperature: 0~100%

The absolute value of the upper and lower limits after migration should not exceed the upper limit of the maximum range

Vibration effect: 200Hz vibration ±0.5% in any direction

Installation position: When the diaphragm is not mounted vertically, it may produce an error of less than 0.24KPa, but it can be eliminated by zero adjustment.

Type of explosion protection: flameproof type EXdIICT5, intrinsically safe type ExiaIICT6

Fourth, TC-3051X high precision intelligent differential pressure transmitter selection



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