Glass plate level gauge

Glass plate level gauge

Product Details

I. Overview

The UB type glass plate level gauge can be used directly to indicate the height of the liquid level in various containers. It has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient maintenance, safety and reliability, and is widely used in liquid level measurement in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, electric power, food and other industrial fields.

Second, the working principle

1. The upper and lower sections of the glass plate level gauge are connected to the container to form a communicating device. The actual height of the liquid level in the container can be directly observed through the glass.

2. The structure of the glass plate level gauge is mainly reflective and light-transmitting.

3. There are safety steel balls on the upper and lower valves of the liquid level gauge. The steel balls can be sealed under the action of pressure when the glass plate is damaged, preventing the liquid from continuing to flow out.

4, the liquid level gauge can be equipped with a steam semi-thermal jacket, suitable for viscous, easy to freeze liquid measurement.

Third, technical parameters

Measuring range: 500mm, 800mm, 1100mm, 1400mm, 1700mm (non-standard customizable)

Working pressure: ≤ 6.4MPa

Working temperature: ≤450°C

Flange standard: DN20, DN25/HG20592-97

Wetted material: carbon steel, stainless steel

Steam jacket: G1/2′′ external thread

Steam pressure: ≤0.6MPa

Fourth, the use of instructions

When the product is used, slowly open the valve, first turn the valve handwheel one turn, then slowly open it after fifteen minutes. If you need to replace the high-pressure glass plate, pay attention to the high-pressure glass plate should be evenly stressed, strictly follow The operating procedures are carried out.



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