Glass tube level gauge

Glass tube level gauge

Product Details

I. Overview

The HG5 type glass tube level gauge is mainly used to directly indicate the height of the liquid level of the medium in various tanks, towers, tanks, boxes and the like. This instrument is simple in construction and convenient for customers.

Safety steel balls are installed in the upper and lower valves of the instrument. If the glass is damaged due to accidental conditions , the steel balls inside the container will be automatically sealed under the pressure. This design can prevent the liquid inside from flowing out.

Second, technical parameters

Measuring range: 300 ~ 3000mm

Working pressure: -0.1~1.6MPa

Working temperature: -20 ~ 150 ° C

Steam jacket connector: G1/2 external thread

Display range: measuring range -200mm

Engineering connection: IIG20592~20635-97 DN20~DN50, other flange standards (such as GB, JB/T, HGJ, ANSI, DIN, etc.), please indicate when ordering.

Wetted material: carbon steel, stainless steel

High borosilicate glass tube

Steel ball automatic sealing pressure ≥0.2MPa

Drain valve: steel ball, needle valve



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