Ultrasonic level gauge

Ultrasonic level gauge

Product Details

First, the product introduction:

The TC series ultrasonic level gauge has temperature compensation and power adaptability. It adopts a number of patented technologies developed by our company. The new signal processing technology greatly improves the measurement accuracy of the instrument. Played a role in suppression.

The TX series of ultrasonic level gauges is simple to install, calibrate and maintain. It has been widely used in the level measurement of chemical, water conservancy and water treatment industries. It has the characteristics of safe use, clean and convenient, easy to install, good maintenance, high precision, long service life and fast reading.

Second, product features:

1, the price is relatively cheap, cost-effective.

2, using SMD technology, greatly improving the reliability of the instrument.

3. Automatic power adjustment, gain control and temperature compensation are available.

4, advanced detection technology, rich software features to better adapt to a variety of complex environments.

5. Adopting new waveform calculation technology to improve the measurement accuracy of the instrument.

6, with the suppression of the echo echo function, to ensure the authenticity of the measured data.

7, 16-bit D / A conversion, improve the accuracy and resolution of current output.

8. The sensor is made of tetrafluoroethylene and can be used in various corrosive applications.

9, a variety of output forms: programmable relay output, high precision 4-20mA current output, Rs-485 digital communication output

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