Magnetic flap level gauge

Magnetic flap level gauge

Product Details

Magnetic flap level gauge, alias magnetic float level gauge It is a kind of instrument specially used for liquid level measurement . It utilizes the principles of Archimedes and magnetic, and combines the characteristics of mechanical transmission. At the same time of testing, we also add more practical functions to them. For example, the control type is a new magnetic switch on the basis of it. The magnetic switch signal can control or alarm the liquid level. The anti-frost liquid level gauge makes the liquid level gauge not freeze when detecting low temperature liquid. (such as liquid CO2), to a certain extent, to ensure the normal use of the level gauge.

The remote transmission type is a new 4~20mA transmission sensor. The design is novel, which improves the sensitivity of the sensor. The remote transmission signal has almost no temperature drift and long-term stability, which makes it consistent with the on-site level gauge indication. It can detect the liquid level and convert the liquid level change into 4~20mA standard current signal through the transmission sensor to the control room for remote monitoring and control.

Since the magnetic switch , indicator and transmission sensor of the magnetic flap level gauge are completely isolated from the measured medium in the main tube, it is reliable and safe, and can be sterilized at high temperature (up to 350 ° C), toxic and flammable. Work under pressure conditions .

Therefore, the magnetic flap level gauge can detect and automatically control the change of the medium level in various tanks , tanks , towers , tanks, etc., and is widely used in petroleum, electric power , light industry, chemical industry , nuclear industry, and food. In medicine and other industries .


First, the product description:

The magnetic flap level gauge (magnetic float level gauge) is a meter that displays the liquid level by the magnetic steel in the float driving the flip of the two-color magnetic column. The magnetic float in the main body moves up and down with the rise and fall of the liquid level, and at the same time drives the two-color magnetic column on the outer indicator of the main body to turn over, and the liquid level turns red, and the liquid level does not turn white. The junction point of red and white is the liquid level. And with a more striking scale on both sides of the indicator, this will make the indication of the liquid level clearer.

Second, technical parameters:

Measuring range: 0~150~6000mm (more than 6000mm can be negotiated order)

Medium density: 0.4~2.0g/ cm3

Working pressure: ─0.1~42MPa

Connection flange: flange diameter DN20~DN150, flange standard adopts FG standard of Ministry of Chemical Industry HG20592-2009, other flange standards, please specify the remarks when ordering.

Follow progress: ≤0.08m/s

Main conduit material: 1Cr18Ni9Ti; 304; 316L; PP; PTFE, 304 stainless steel lined with PTFE

Main conduit diameter: Φ48, Φ51, Φ57, Φ62mm

Display material: less than 80 ° C: ABS plastic, greater than 80 ° C: aluminum alloy

Drain valve: ball valve, needle valve

Accuracy: ±10mm

Medium density: ≥0.15 g/cm3 (measurement boundary)

Working temperature: ─160~450°C

Environmental vibration: frequency ≤ 25Hz amplitude ≤ 0.5mm

Flange material: carbon steel, 304, 316L

Medium viscosity: ≤0.4Pa

Magnetic flip column material: less than 80 ° C: ABS plastic, greater than 80 ° C: ceramic or metal

Installation method: vertical installation

Third, product features:

The parts of the magnetic flap level gauge are made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 316L, 340 stainless steel lined with PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), PVC, PP and other imported components, which have very high reliability and corrosion resistance. Its characteristics are also very significant:

1, the design is simple, compact, sturdy and reliable, long life, no maintenance workload, can be installed outdoors for a long time;

2. The measuring tube and the liquid level display part, the liquid level transmitter and the alarm switch are completely isolated in pressure and gas resistance;

3, the working pressure range is wide, the pressure from vacuum to 42MPa;

4, the working temperature range is wide, suitable for from -160 to ten 450 ° C;

5, widely used for strong and weak corrosive, flammable and explosive, toxic, strong radioactive, agitated, dirty liquid level measurement;

6, each model can be equipped with a magnetic alarm switch to achieve high or low liquid level automatic control or alarm;

7. Each model can be equipped with 4~20mADC liquid level transmitter to realize centralized measurement and control over long distances;



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