Magnetic float level gauge

Magnetic float level gauge

Product Details

product description:

The main components of the UHM-HIII magnetic float level gauge : sensor, magnetic float, transmitter.

Working principle: When the liquid level changes, the magnetic floating ball will also extend the pipe up and down, and the magnetic steel in the floating ball will first pick up the reed switch at the corresponding position in the sensor, forcing the total resistance (or voltage) of the sensor to occur. Change, and then convert the changed resistance (or voltage) signal into a 4-20 mA standard current signal transmission control room through the transmitter, and realize the remote monitoring and control of the liquid level in the container through the display instrument or DCS. .

technical parameter:

Measuring range: 0 ~ 6000mm, greater than 6000mm requires special customization

Working pressure: -1.0~6.4Mpa

Supply voltage: 24V DC

Output signal: 4-20mA two-wire system

Accuracy: 0.5% F·S, 1.0% F·S

Ambient temperature: -70~60°C

Medium temperature: ≤150°C

Link flange: DN80 ~ DN200

Applicable medium: non-corrosive medium for PTFE

Explosion-proof mark: ExiaIICT6 Ga


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