Magnetically sensitive two-color liquid level gauge

Magnetically sensitive two-color liquid level gauge

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product description:

UCDS-10 magnetic sensitive two-color liquid level gauge is our newly developed product. It uses high-quality stainless steel and imported electronic components. It displays some high-brightness LED two-color LED tubes, which form a columnar display and pass the red and green LED light column. The color changes to indicate the level of the liquid level; the display brightness is high, the angle is large , the scale is very clear, and the distance can be viewed, and the product is more intelligent. Optional limit switch for liquid level upper and lower limit alarm and control; optional liquid level transmitter converts the measured liquid level change into 4~20mADC standard signal for remote detection, indication, recording and Control, you can also communicate directly with the computer system link.

The magnetic sensitive two-color liquid level gauge is more suitable for use in iron and steel enterprises because its environment is dusty and has fine iron filings . Due to the magnetic adsorption, the red and white color of the magnetic flap will be covered by fine iron filings, and the liquid level cannot be observed. The magnetically sensitive two-color level gauge avoids this situation.

If the liquid level fluctuates greatly, the magnetic flap level gauge is prone to slow reaction of the magnetic flip column, which may easily cause the display interface to be disordered.

In the boiler drum liquid level display, the magnetic sensitive two-color liquid level gauge shows clear, no blind zone, and under high temperature, high pressure and other harsh conditions, the accuracy is higher, effectively avoiding the unclear display of steam and water. The cause of the serious shortage of water in the boiler leads to the burning of the boiler or the occurrence of explosions. On the above issues, the magnetic-sensitive two-color liquid level gauge is a high-end product and is an ideal liquid level replacement product.

technical parameter:

Measuring range: 0~150~6000mm (more than 6000mm can be negotiated order)

Medium density: 0.4~2.0g/cm

Working temperature: -160~530°C

Working pressure: -0.1~42Mpa

Follow speed: ≤0.08m/s

Installation method: vertical installation (maximum deviation ≤ 30)

LED display: low light, high brightness, fog astigmatism

Float material: 304, PTFE, 304 lining PTFE, 316, 316L, aluminum, titanium

Main conduit material: 304, 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 316L, 304 lined with PTFE, titanium, PP, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene)

Power supply voltage: DC24V, AC36V, AC220V

Environmental vibration: frequency ≤ 25Hz amplitude ≤ 0.5mm

Medium viscosity: ≤0.4Pa·S

Main conduit diameter: φ48, φ57, φ62

Accuracy: ±10mm

Sewage valve: stainless steel ball valve, needle valve

Flange material: carbon steel, 304, 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 316L

Connection flange: DN15~DN50 (HG20592-97 flange standard), high-pressure side-mounted liquid level gauge adopts (HG20595-97 flange standard) with neck butt welding flange connection, sealing surface form convex or concave, if any Special requirements can be made at the time of ordering.


1. Simple design, firm and reliable, long service life, long-term indoor and outdoor installation;

2, uniquely created on-site, remote transmission integrated structure, making industrial automation management easier and more convenient;

3, unique electronic light-emitting two-color display, suitable for applications in dark places, night observation is more eye-catching;

4, unique imported fog-shaped LED light-emitting tube, strong penetrability, clear and not punctured eyes, industrial camera can be remotely monitored;

5. The measuring tube and the liquid level display part, the liquid level transmitter and the alarm switch are completely isolated in the withstand voltage;

6, the working pressure range is wide, the pressure can be from vacuum to 42Mpa, corrosion resistance ≤2.5Mpa;

7, the working temperature range is wide, applicable -160 ° C ~ +530 ° C;

8, can be used for strong and weak corrosive, flammable and explosive, toxic, strong radioactive, agitated, dirty liquid level measurement;

9. Each model can be equipped with a magnetic limit switch to realize automatic control of high and low liquid level or alarm;

10, each model can be equipped with 4~20mADC liquid level transmitter to achieve long-distance centralized measurement and control

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