Magnetostrictive level gauge

Magnetostrictive level gauge

Product Details

First, the product introduction:

TC-CZS series magnetostrictive level gauge is developed according to the principle of magnetostriction measurement. It has high measurement accuracy, good stability, strong anti-interference ability, fast installation and no need to measure the liquid level interface temperature. Frequent maintenance and other advantages. It is suitable for accurate measurement of different liquid levels and interfaces in industries such as hydrology, water resources, chemicals, petroleum, electric power, brewing, and biological preparations .

While the level gauge is in operation, the signal detection unit issues an interrogation current pulse that produces a circular pulsed magnetic field along the waveguide wire. The float of the outer tube of the sensor can be moved up and down by being suspended in a varying liquid level. The floating ball has a set of permanent magnets, so the float also produces a magnetic field. When the above two magnetic fields interact, a "twist" pulse or a "return" pulse is generated, and the "return" pulse can be transmitted up the waveguide wire to the pickup. The actual position of the float can be calculated by the time difference between the "return" pulse and the interrogation current pulse, thereby accurately measuring the liquid level.

Second, technical parameters:

1. Range: 0.2~25 meters (can be customized according to user requirements);

2. Working pressure: 12~24V•DC;

3. Signal output: 4~20mA standard current signal;

4, measurement accuracy: ± 1mm or 0.3% F • S (current output type);

5, working pressure: ≤ 4.0MPa;

6, medium requirements: density ≥ 0.5g / cm3 viscosity ≤ 0.005Pa • S;

7. Working temperature: T1: 0~70°C, T2, –40~250°C;

8, repeatability error: better than 0.01% F•S;

9, resolution: better than 0.01% F•S;

10, late belt: better than 0.01% F•S;

11, temperature effects: ± 0.007% F • S;

12. Zero adjustment range: 20% F•S;

13. Full scale adjustment range: 20% F•S;

14, connection form: flange connection;

15. Explosion-proof grade: Exd II CT6Gb;

16, the shell protection level: IP65;

17, the pressure of the rod: ≤ 34MPa

Third, product features:

1. Advanced principle, many functions, and a wide range of applications;

2, non-contact measurement, long service life;

3. High precision, high stability, high reliability and high resolution;

4, low power consumption, high cost performance;

5, a variety of signal output mode selection;

6, with reverse polarity protection;

7, lightning protection, anti-radio frequency interference;

8, compact structure, strong environmental adaptability, anti-fouling, waterproof, dustproof;

9, no need to re-standard and maintain frequently

10, can monitor the pressure level of the tank with or without pressure

11, isolation and explosion protection (optional)

12. The power supply voltage range is wide and the anti-interference ability is strong;

13, easy to install and debug, more convenient maintenance


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