Electric contact water level gauge

Electric contact water level gauge

Product Details

TC-UDZ type electric contact water level gauge can measure the water level and liquid level of drum water level, high and low heater, evaporator , water supply tank and deaerator. Compared with similar products, it is easy to operate and has a long service life. The insurance factor is high. Not suitable for measuring and controlling corrosive, flammable and explosive liquids. Components: ceramic electrodes, measuring cylinders , secondary instruments, steam, water flanges, etc.

First, the working principle

TC-UDZ type electric contact two-color water level gauge uses the difference of conductivity of furnace water and steam to measure. The change of liquid level can make some electrodes in water, some of the electrodes are in steam, and the electrode immersed in furnace water will decrease. The impedance of the barrel, while the electrode in the vapor increases the impedance to the barrel. By using this feature, the non-electrical water level can be converted into electric quantity and sent to the intelligent secondary instrument, thereby realizing the function of displaying, alarming, protecting and interlocking the water level. By using the control of the single-chip microcomputer, the use of the hardware watchdog can be automatically reset when the single-chip program runs, so that the instrument enters a safer and more reliable working state. At the same time, the two-color synthetic light column of steam red and water green is used to make the steam and water liquid level more realistic and visual display.


Second, TC-UDZ type electric contact two-color water level gauge technical features:

1. The light column is synthesized by red and green two-color light column, and the red digital tube displays the coordinate value of the water level, which is more clear and intuitive, and solves the problem of eye fatigue during personnel monitoring.

2. With internal alarm (sound and light prompt) external alarm (relay output), silence, self-test, screening function. The operation is simpler and more intuitive, and the multi-point alarm value can be set at one time.

3. Using the characteristics of CMOS high input impedance, the signal input circuit only has a weak current passing through the electrode, which reduces the chemical corrosion of the electrode to a large extent. Therefore, the secondary instrument can increase the service life of the electrode.

4. Through fuzzy control, the electric and water resistance thresholds of the electrodes are automatically adjusted according to different water quality, which can adapt to different needs.

Third, technical indicators:

Work pressure


Cylinder specification

Φ89×12 ; Φ108×15

Connecting pipe specifications


Sewage pipe specification

Φ28×4 20G

Electrode mounting form

Press-in type, screw-in type

Secondary instrument technical parameters

Ambient temperature

-10°C~ +45 °C

Relative humidity


Power supply

220VAC±10%, 50Hz current 1A

Power consumption


Installation method

Vertical tray


280*80*160 ( mm ) (length * width * height)

Dashboard opening size

152*76 (mm)


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