Capacitive level gauge

Capacitive level gauge

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product description:
DYB series capacitive liquid level transmitter is a new type of capacitive liquid level and level detecting instrument developed by our scientific research personnel through years of research and practice. This liquid level meter can take various liquid level parameters. The change is converted into a standard current signal, which is transmitted to the operating room control, and is simultaneously displayed, alarmed, and finally automated controlled with a secondary instrument or computer. It can be combined with the user's specific equipment structure, process conditions and application requirements, and adopts a more flexible installation and debugging method, which can completely detect the height change of the liquid level and achieve the purpose of controlling the liquid level.

The meter can continuously detect liquid level under conditions of high, medium, low pressure, high temperature, easy crystallization, strong corrosion, etc. It is especially suitable for three high pressures such as ammonia, cold cross and copper tower in small and medium-sized small ammonia fertilizer industry. Level detection. It is also widely used in the continuous detection and automatic control of liquid level and level in various industrial processes, and is an ideal choice.

Capacitive level gauge technical parameters and indicators
1. Applicable medium: any medium that is non-corrosive to PTFE
2, the output signal: two-wire system 4 ~ 20mA · DC
3, power supply: 24V · DC
4, measurement accuracy: 0.5, 1.0, 1.5
5, working pressure: atmospheric pressure, negative pressure, 10MPa, 22Mpa, 32MPa
6, medium temperature: -50 ° C ~ 250 ° C

7. Detection range: 0~200mm to 0~8m (determined by user requirements)
8, transmitter shell material: aluminum alloy castings
9, sensor material: stainless steel outer plating PTFE

10, connector material: carbon steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti316LMo2Ti
11. Mounting thread: 10MPa or less pressure pad type M27×2M33×222MPa or less pressure pad type or lens pad M33×232MPa or less lens pad M24×2 or M33×2 (Flange, lens pad and other high-voltage parts are provided by users)

Instrument features
1. Simple structure: Because our factory adopts advanced mechatronic structure, it successfully solves the problem of sealing and insulation under high temperature and high pressure conditions. It has no movable parts and has high reliability. Generally, it does not need frequent maintenance.
2, easy to install: an internal high-pressure liquid level gauge working at 32MPa especially highlights this feature, usually a person can be installed within 20 minutes.
3. Convenient debugging: Zero point and range potentiometer can adjust the zero point and range within the effective range of liquid level detection.
4, a wide range of adaptation: can be customized according to the user's specific process conditions, equipment structure and requirements of use, can be applied to the detection of liquid level and level connection under a variety of conditions.
5. Low operating cost: Because the transmitter adopts advanced electronic simulation technology, there is no vulnerable or consumable device, and it is compared with the isotope level gauge. There is no depreciation charge for the source, the disposal fee of the waste source and the annual inspection fee.

6. The results of the liquid level detection are basically unaffected by changes in process conditions. The traditional differential pressure type , float type , and isotope level gauge are related to the severity of the medium during the detection process. The change of the medium severity directly affects the detection result.
7. Light weight: An internal high-pressure liquid level gauge working at 32 MPa has a weight of less than three kilograms. Compared with the traditional high-pressure float level gauge, it is one-tenth of its weight.


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