Boiler water level gauge

Boiler water level gauge

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I. Overview

The DSJ-6 electronic two-color water level gauge can be used on small and medium-sized steam boilers. The water level display is very clear, which is advantageous in avoiding accidents caused by boiler water shortage or full water. Nowadays, the two-color water level gauge on the market mostly has the problems of complicated structure and difficult debugging. It is unclear in the case of poor water quality. It is often necessary to wipe and change the swatches constantly, and the cost of repairing the lamps and glass plates is high. The above problems have caused difficulties in the use of this water level gauge. The newly developed DSJ-6 electronic two-color water level gauge of our company overcomes the above problems.

Second, the characteristics of the boiler water level gauge

1. The water level display j is clearer, the color is bright, the viewing angle range is large, and the viewing distance is long.

2, adapt to a variety of medium and low pressure boilers, not affected by water quality, stable performance, long service life.

3, can remotely display the water level to the control room.

4. High and low water level sound and light alarm.

5, good sealing performance, no leakage, no need to change parts frequently, low maintenance costs.

Third, the technical parameters of the two-color water level gauge

Nominal pressure: ≤2.5MPa Test pressure: 3.8MPa

Operating temperature: ≤225°C Display color: steam red green

Visible distance: 60M Power supply: AC36V

Adapt to medium: water, steam flange through: DN20, DN25, DN32


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