Radar level gauge

Radar level gauge

Product Details

First, the product introduction:

The TC-ULD800 series intelligent radar level gauge is a more advanced level measuring instrument with a range of up to 35 meters. Optimized antennas and new microprocessors can process higher speed signals and process liquid levels in storage tanks, intermediate buffer tanks or process vessels to output 4 to 20 mA horizontal or HART digital signals .

Second, technical parameters:

1, measuring range: 35m

2, process connection: flange

3. Process temperature: Standard type: –40~120°C High temperature type: –40~250°C

4, accuracy: ± 8mm

5, frequency range: 6.8GHZ

6, explosion-proof grade: ExiaIICT6/ExdIICT6

7, protection grade: aluminum shell: IP67 / plastic shell: IP65

8, the output signal: 4~20mA/HART/RS485 (Modbus)

9, power supply: two-wire system: 24V • DC four-wire system: 24V • DC or 220V • AC

Third, product features:

1, using more advanced non-contact measurement

2, material manufacturing is extremely stable

3. Measuring liquid and solid level

4. All media with dielectric constant >1.8

5, measuring range 0~20m (expandable to 35 meters)

6, using two-wire system, loop power supply technology, power supply voltage and output signal transmission through a two-core cable

7, 4~20mA output / HART (two lines)

8, the resolution is 1mm

9, not affected by noise, steam, dust, vacuum, etc.

10, not affected by changes in density, viscosity and temperature of the medium

11, the process pressure can reach 4.0MPa

12, the process temperature can reach 250 ° C


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