Quartz tube level gauge

Quartz tube level gauge

Product Details

I. Overview

UGS series color quartz tube liquid level gauge (referred to as color level gauge), using the latest technology for research and development. It uses the principle that natural light folds and reflects in liquid. At the same time, with red and green sheets, the liquid phase will show green and the gas phase will show red. The liquid-gas phase has a significant contrast on the display color, so it is more advantageous in long-distance operation and night inspection. Therefore, it is commonly used in various transparent liquid containers and boilers in metallurgy , petroleum, chemical, electric power and other industries, such as water, gasoline, liquid ammonia, propylene, aromatics and other oil products and chemical raw material liquid level measurement. Moreover, a three-color interface quartz tube level gauge can be selected for interface measurement of two different media densities. The design of the three-color interface quartz tube level gauge combines the principle of buoyancy and specific gravity difference. The small float in the quartz tube is suspended at the boundary between the two media. The float is black, and the upper and lower parts are different in color, so the display is conspicuous. . This design solves the problem that the two mixed media interfaces in the petrochemical industry are unclear in the production process. At present, the liquid level gauge is also the most ideal direct reading level gauge at home and abroad.

Second, the principle of color quartz tube level gauge

UGS series color quartz tube liquid level gauge design combines the principle of folding and reflection of natural light in liquid.
At the same time, with the help of red and green flakes, the red color is measured, the liquid phase is displayed in green, and the gas phase is red. Since the liquid-vapor phase has a large contrast on the display and the contrast is sharp, it is more advantageous in long-distance operation and night patrol.

Third, the characteristics of color quartz tube liquid level gauge

● Liquid and gas phase display is clear, no blind zone, good sealing performance, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, anti-stickiness, light weight, long life, no leakage.

● Simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, corrosion resistance, no power supply, explosion-proof. Fourth, the main performance indicators of UGS series color quartz tube liquid level gauge

● Special 99.99% SiO2 transparent quartz tube with a deformation point of 1077 ° C and a softening point of 1730 ° C.

● The pressing strength is 1170Kg/cm3 and the expansion system is 5.5×10-7. It has high temperature resistance, high pressure and excellent mechanical properties after special treatment.

● Working pressure: 1.6, 2.5, 4.0, 6.4, 10.0MPa

● Working temperature: <520>

● Measurement range L: The measurement range is determined by the center distance: 300, 500, 800, 1100, 1400, 1700, 2000mm. Please specify the dimensions for special specifications.

● Heated steam jacket: Working pressure 0.6MPa, take-over size G1/2′′ external thread.

● Interface flange: Adopted the latest HG20592~20635-97 flange standard issued by the Ministry of Chemical Industry in 1997. Flange diameter DN20, DN25, if users need to adopt other standards (such as GB, ANSI and other standards) can be designed according to user needs.

● Automatic sealing pressure of steel ball: 15~30kg weight greater than 0.2MPa.

Fourth, the relationship between the display height of the color quartz tube level gauge and the measurement range (display height is the height of the ruler) (unit: mm)

Measuring range L 300 500 800 1100 1400 1700 2000
Display height H 100 300 600 900 1200 1500 1800
product name model Use and use occasions
normal type UGS-A

The two ends of the level gauge are valves with safety devices. When the quartz tube is accidentally damaged, the outflow of the medium in the container can be prevented, and the valve passage is small.

It is also suitable for measuring low viscosity media.

Straight type UGS-B The three ends are connected by three-way flanges and there is no safety device. Due to the diameter of 20mm, the level of the more viscous medium can be measured
No blind zone straight through type UGS-C The three ends are connected by three-way flanges and there is no safety device. Due to the 20mm diameter, the liquid level of the viscous medium can be measured, and the measurement range is the same as the display height.
Color level gauge UGS-A, B, C-1 Measuring the liquid level of transparent colorless liquid, the interface is good and the light is good
Steam jacket type UGS-A, B, C-2 Comes with a steam heating jacket for cold weather
Frostproof UGS-A, B, C-3 Additional anti-frost device for low temperature media to prevent external condensation caused by low temperature media
Illuminated UGS-A, B, C-4

Measuring the liquid level and interface of colored liquids, and the light is weak. At night, it is equipped with lighting equipment.



Fifth, the selection of color quartz tube level gauge


Valve belt

safety equipment

structure type

With drain valve



G   No blind zone
  1   normal type Attachment

With steam clip



With anti-frost

Device type


With illumination

Device type


Measuring fluid


Measurement characteristics

Measurement world



Flange connection

DN20, 25

Connection Type

Threaded connection


  1   1.6

Nominal pressure


2   2.5
3   4
4   6.4
5   10
  C   Carbon steel Wetted material




3 300

Measuring range


5 500
8 800
11 1100
14 1400
17 1700
20 2000

Special specifications

After size X

Connection size number

Attention problem

1. Carefully handle it during transportation and installation to prevent damage to the quartz tube and filter. Please check whether the accessories are complete out of the box. Please read the instruction manual of the product carefully before installation.

2. Before installation, consider the problem of the color film in the strong natural light source (southeast direction). To adjust the color filter and observe the direction, simply loosen the large hex nuts at both ends and then fasten them. Remember that the quartz tube cannot be detached when adjusting the color filter position.

3. The liquid level gauge has been tested at 1.5 times the working pressure before leaving the factory, and the user can carry out the hydraulic pressure test with 1.5 times working pressure when conditions permit.



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