Mica two-color liquid level gauge

Mica two-color liquid level gauge

Product Details

I. Overview

TCM type mica two-color water level gauge: It is the local display instrument developed by our company for the water level monitoring of large-scale thermal power generator boiler drum. It is currently the most intuitive and scientific instrument at home and abroad. The water level gauge uses the principle of optics to express the change of steam and water level in the boiler by steam red and water green. Two rows of compensating windows and misaligned windows provide continuous gaps in viewing, and the light is soft and the interface is clear. The mica two-color water level gauge is simple in structure, intuitive in display, wide in measurement range, high in measurement accuracy, and has the same effect in both local and control room monitoring. This product is an ideal water level gauge for use in high-pressure, ultra-high pressure power generation boilers.

Product specifications: three paragraphs, five sections, five sections of lengthening, seven sections, nine sections, eleven sections;

Sealing parts: artificial mica pieces, natural mica pieces;

Light source part: light emitting diode, tungsten halogen tube, flat light tube;

The above three points can be selected according to user requirements.

Second, the pressure level

Model: TCM-16, TCM-25, TCM-32

Working pressure: 11.5 15.5 21

Nominal pressure: 16 25 32

Working temperature: saturated steam

Third, the seal name and specifications

High-density graphite mat: 155 × 44 mica sheet: 155 × 44 protective tape: 143 × 21 × 0.5

Walka glass: 130×24×21 cushion: 130×24

Fourth, technical parameters

Interface center distance (mm): 535-1270 Connecting tube material: 20g seamless tube

Body length (mm): 580-1280 Bolt size: M16×80 M16×90

Body material: 2Gr13Ni9Ti Bolt material: 35CrMo

Visible length (mm): 460-800 nut: M16

Single window length (mm): 130 gasket: with a content of 99.9% graphite

Connection pipe specification: φ28×4 Flange specification: φ130 φ140

Power supply transformer: input 220V, output 35V, 40V, 45V, power 600W, 1200W

Light source part: light emitting diode, tungsten halogen tube, flat light tube;

Connection between body and flange: welding



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